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Relocating Printatbles

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Relocating Printatbles

Download these free relocation printables for kids. These printables are designed to open a conversation about posting to a new location.

Tips for parents to help military children prepare for a relocation.

  1. Open Communication: Start by having an open and honest conversation with your children about the upcoming move. Use a compassionate and understanding tone to address their feelings, concerns, and questions.
  2. Involve Them: If possible, involve your children in planning. Let them participate in decisions about their new home, school, or room layout. This can help them feel a sense of control in the situation.
  3. Explore Together: Explore information about the new location before the move. Share interesting facts, photos, and stories about the new place to build excitement and familiarity. Talk about other people they may know who have already posted to that location.
  4.  Stay Connected: Encourage your children to maintain connections with their friends from the previous location. Help them exchange contact information and consider planning a visit or reunion. If old enough, you can set children up on Kids Messenger.
  5.  Prepare a "Moving Kit": Allow your children to pack a special box with their favourite belongings, toys, and comfort items. This box can travel with them in the car and provide security.
  6. Visit the New School: If possible, arrange a visit to the new school with your children. Meeting teachers and seeing the new environment in advance can reduce anxiety. The child can create a drawing with some information about them to give to their new teacher when they meet.
  7.  Support Network: Reach out to other military families who have experienced relocations. They can offer valuable insights and support during the transition. Most locations have their own Facebook group, and these groups can help tremendously with information about the new location.
  8. Maintain Routines: Try to stick to your usual family routines as much as possible. Consistency can provide stability during a move.
  9. Goodbye Ritual: Create a special ritual to say goodbye to the old home, like taking a photo of the family around the letterbox as a reminder. This can help children cope with the emotions of leaving.
  10.  Stay Positive: Maintain a positive and optimistic outlook about the move. Your children will pick up on your attitude, so highlighting the adventure and new opportunities can make the process smoother.

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