Someone I Love is in Defence


Hi I'm Bianca Sibbald. I am Ex-Navy, a proud wife of a sailor, and a dedicated Defence School Mentor.


With three young children of my own, I understand the unique challenges faced by military families. Over the years, I have developed various activities to support my students and children in navigating the ups and downs of defence life. I firmly believe that every child should feel validated and understood as a dependent of defence force members.

The activity, colouring and storybooks have been thoughtfully crafted to engage and inspire young children. I understand that these formative years are filled with curiosity, wonder, and a desire to explore the world. That’s why the resources are about keeping children occupied and nurturing their curious minds.

These resources serve a dual purpose. They entertain and also facilitate meaningful interactions. Children are encouraged to ask questions, express their emotions, and, most importantly, strengthen their bond with their loved ones serving in the Australian Defence Force. These connections are a vital source of support for Defence kids and their families.

Supporting defence children has become my passion. I have personally experienced the impact of deployments with my children and understand the unique challenges military families face. It’s a privilege to have a job that allows me to extend a helping hand to numerous families navigating similar struggles. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of other defence families.

I invite you to explore this website's resources, knowing they have been crafted with love and understanding. Let's empower and uplift the children who stand behind our brave defence force members.

I want to give a special thanks to the following organisations who have helped me create these resources.