Storybooks Now Available via ALS Distribution Services

Are you searching for engaging and educational resources to enrich children’s experiences in your school or library? Look no further! I’m excited to announce that my storybook collection is now accessible through Australian Library Services (ALS). This partnership presents an ideal opportunity for schools and libraries across Australia to procure valuable resources that resonate with and support children in Defence families.

 As a Defence School Mentor and author dedicated to supporting Australian Defence families, I understand the importance of providing children with resources that reflect their unique experiences. My storybooks are thoughtfully crafted to address the challenges and joys of military life, offering stories that empower young readers to navigate the complexities of relocation, deployment, and family separation with resilience and understanding.


Convenient Access to resources via ALS

The ALS distribution services offer a seamless and efficient way for schools and libraries to access my storybooks. By partnering with ALS, my collection is now readily available through established channels, ensuring that educators and librarians can easily acquire resources that cater to the diverse needs of their communities.


Streamlined Procurement

ALS simplifies the procurement process, allowing schools and libraries to acquire a variety of resources, including my storybooks, with ease.

Nationwide Accessibility

Through ALS, my storybooks are accessible to schools and libraries across Australia, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

Supporting ADF Families

By purchasing my storybooks through ALS, institutions contribute to initiatives aimed at supporting Australian Defence families, fostering a sense of community and support.

 In addition to ALS distribution services, schools and libraries also have the option to purchase my storybooks directly through my website. This provides an alternative purchasing avenue for institutions seeking to support Defence families and promote empathy and understanding within their communities.

Incorporating diverse and inclusive resources into educational and library settings is essential for fostering empathy, understanding, and resilience in young minds. By making my storybooks available through ALS distribution services and direct purchase on my website, I aim to provide educators and librarians with convenient access to resources that support children in Defence families.

I invite schools and libraries across Australia to explore my collection of storybooks and discover the meaningful stories that await within their pages. We can create supportive and inclusive environments where every child feels understood, empowered, and resilient.Thank you for considering Bianca Sibbald's storybooks as a valuable addition to your educational and library resources.
Bianca Sibbald
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