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Frontline Labs Newsletter

Frontline Labs has supported my book series for Defence Children from the start. When this series was in its infancy stage, they accepted me into the Veteran Entrepreneur course which gave me the skills I needed to launch the series. 


If you are a serving member, spouse or first responder looking to launch your own business, I highly recommend this course!


In November 2023, I spoke with Beck Rayner the host of Military Life, about what it’s like being a Defence spouse, a Defence School Mentor and what the process has been like creating resources for ‘Someone I Love is in Defence’. 

“The Military Life podcast is about telling the stories of Australian Defence Partners. It Connects, informs, acknowledges and supports the Defence Partner Community.”

To listen to the podcast click on the image below to take you to the Apple podcast. The Military Life Podcast can also be heard on Spotify

Kookaburra Kids Endorsement.

In October 2023, The West Australian interviewed Bianca Sibbald and her son Parker about their experience with the Kookaburra Kids Defence Program. 

For the Article, please click Here

13th October 2023


FRONTLINE LABS VET-1 Cohort 1 Veteran Entrepreneur Course.

In July 2023, I participated in the VET-1 Cohort 1 Veteran Entrepreneur Course hosted by FRONTLINE LABS. It was an amazing experience that helped me start this venture of creating activity, colouring and storybooks for ADF kids. This course is free and open to veterans and Defence Partners starting their own business. To learn more about the program or to hear about my experience, click on the image below.