Someone I Love is in Defence

Someone I Love is in the Navy

Transform family time with books that matter. Explore the collection and witness the impact of stories crafted for Defence families. Dive into a world where military life is celebrated, understood, and embraced. Your journey begins here—discover, connect, and create lasting memories with your children.

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This thoughtful set of three captivating books celebrate the courage, strength, and unwavering spirit of Defence kids while providing them with hours of creative exploration and entertainment.

Why Choose the “Someone I Love is in the Navy” Set:

  • Tailored for ADF Kids: Carefully designed to resonate with the experiences and emotions of children in Navy families.
  • Ignites Creativity: A harmonious blend of colouring, activities, and storytelling, offering a holistic outlet for self-expression.
  • Fosters Resilience: Empowers young hearts to navigate the unique challenges of naval life with confidence and determination.
  • Celebrates Family Connection: Strengthens the bond between ADF kids and their courageous, loved ones serving in the Navy.

Embrace the power of creativity, connection, and maritime wonder with the “Someone I Love is in the Navy” set of three books. 


Someone I Love is in Defence is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that celebrate the experiences of ADF families. The “Someone I Love is in the Navy” set is designed to uplift, educate, and entertain, providing a valuable resource for young hearts in the Defence community.

Collect your order from an Australian Military Bank Branch.

Thanks to a collaboration with the Australian Military Bank, you can now conveniently collect your order from an Australian military branch near you. Select your preferred branch during checkout, and present your receipt upon collection.

For the best experience, I recommend processing your order directly at the branch to ensure the availability of the books you’re interested in.

Thank you so much for our book! We finally got to read it tonight before bed after a busy day x

Krystal R

Someone I Love is in the Navy for Defence Kids

Amazing resources for Defence families, both in print - activity, reading and colouring books and free downloads on the website also! Bianca ia passionate about helping Defence families and she has developed some awesome resources! highly recommend!!

Kym R

I cried when I read the book, and we just looked through the colour in books and activity books (we are days out from homecoming). You have done an amazing job! Thank you ❤️

Alicia S

Someone I Love is in the Navy for Defence Kids

As a Defence parent, I can't express enough how Bianca's books have transformed our family time. The engaging activities and stories not only entertain but also provide a platform to discuss military life with my kids, making these books an invaluable addition to our journey.

Renee B

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