Someone I Love is in Defence

Someone I Love is in the Navy Set


This set includes the colouring, activity and storybook.

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The “Someone I Love is in the Navy” set of three books, have been tailor-made for the exceptional children of Australian Defence Force (ADF) members. This thoughtful set of three captivating books celebrates the courage, strength, and unwavering spirit of ADF kids while providing them with hours of creative exploration and entertainment.

1. 48-Page Colouring Book:

Let imagination take the lead as young minds bring to life scenes that celebrate the remarkable journey of their loved ones in the Navy. With 48 illustrations, this colouring book is waiting to be coloured. Each page celebrates Navy life, from vessels to sailors in uniform. 

2. 120-Page Activity Book:

Dive into an ocean of excitement with the immersive 120-page activity book. Bursting with captivating puzzles, challenging mazes, engaging word searches, and more, this book transforms quiet moments into voyages of discovery. As young minds navigate through challenges, they mirror the resilience and problem-solving skills of the Navy community. Decode secret messages, chart courses through mazes, and embark on thrilling quests that celebrate the adventurous spirit of Navy life.

3. Storybook:

Set sail for an enchanting tale of courage, camaraderie, and family bonds with this captivating storybook. Share precious moments as you read, connect, and honour the extraordinary bond that defines your family.

Why Choose the “Someone I Love is in the Navy” Set:

  • Tailored for ADF Kids: Carefully designed to resonate with the experiences and emotions of children in Navy families.
  • Ignites Creativity: A harmonious blend of colouring, activities, and storytelling, offering a holistic outlet for self-expression.
  • Fosters Resilience: Empowers young hearts to navigate the unique challenges of naval life with confidence and determination.
  • Celebrates Family Connection: Strengthens the bond between ADF kids and their courageous, loved ones serving in the Navy.

Embrace the power of creativity, connection, and maritime wonder with the “Someone I Love is in the Navy” set of three books. 

Order now and set sail on a voyage of imagination and discovery!

Order now, and let the journey begin!

Note: Someone I Love is in Defence is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that celebrate the experiences of ADF families. The “Someone I Love is in the Navy” set is designed to uplift, educate, and entertain, providing a valuable resource for young hearts in the Defence community.

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