Someone I Love is in Defence

Someone I Love is in the Army Storybook


“Someone I Love is in the Army” is a heartwarming tale about a young boy named Parker who embarks on exciting adventures as a Defence child. From the big city of Sydney to a small base in Karratha, Western Australia, Parker discovers the beauty of new places and forms deep connections with other military families, fostering a sense of camaraderie and resilience.

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Introducing “Someone I Love is in the Army”, a heartwarming and inspiring tale that takes readers on a captivating journey alongside a young boy named Parker. Join him as he navigates the thrilling world of being a Defence child and explores the incredible landscapes of Australia.

From the vibrant streets of Sydney to the serene surroundings of Karratha, Western Australia, Parker’s experiences open his eyes to the wonders of new places. As he immerses himself in the military lifestyle, Parker learns valuable lessons about courage, sacrifice, and unwavering support for those who serve in the Australian Army.

​Through captivating storytelling, “Someone I Love is in the Army” beautifully portrays the resilience and camaraderie that blossoms among military families. Join Parker as he forges deep connections with other children who share similar journeys, forming lifelong bonds that provide comfort and understanding in the face of challenges.

Written with heartfelt emotion, this enchanting tale celebrates the strength and bravery of Australian servicemen and women and shines a light on their families’ enduring love and support. “Someone I Love is in the Army” reminds us of the sacrifices made by those who protect our country and the power of love in fostering resilience and unity.

Perfect for children and families, this captivating book will transport readers on an extraordinary adventure, teaching them the essential values of compassion, empathy, and gratitude. Whether you have a loved one in the military or want to instil a sense of appreciation for those who serve, “Someone I Love is in the Army” is a must-read that will touch hearts and inspire young minds.


Title: Someone I Love is in the Army Storybook

Format: Hard Cover

Page Count: 26 pages

Cover Finish: Matte

ISBN: 978-0-6458534-0-7

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