Someone I Love is in Defence

Someone I Love is in Defence

Unlock the power of connection with our collection of books tailored for Australian Army, Navy, and Air Force kids. Each book is a bridge to understanding military life, providing not just stories but a toolkit for resilient conversations.

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Explore the world of military life through the eyes of these young characters in the complete storybook collection. This set includes three heartwarming and insightful story each tailored to Army, Navy, and Air Force children, each designed to provide comfort, understanding, and a sense of belonging in the midst of unique challenges.

Why Choose the “Someone I Love is in Defence” Set:

  • Tailored for ADF Kids: Carefully designed to resonate with the experiences and emotions of children in Military families.
  • Fosters Resilience: Empowers young hearts to navigate the unique challenges of Defence life with confidence and determination.
  • Celebrates Family Connection: Strengthens the bond between ADF kids and their courageous, loved ones serving in the ADF.

Embrace the power of connection, and courage with the “Someone I Love is in Defence” set of three books.

Someone I Love is in Defence is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that celebrate the experiences of ADF families. The “Someone I Love is in Defence” storybook set is designed to uplift, and entertain, providing a valuable resource for young hearts in the Defence community.






This thoughtful set of nine captivating books has been carefully crafted to celebrate the courage, strength, and unwavering spirit of Defence kids while providing them with hours of creative exploration and entertainment.

Why Choose the “Someone I Love is in Defence” Set of 9:

Choosing the “Someone I Love Is In Defence” collection of 9 books is a decision rooted in providing essential support, comfort, and education for military families. Here’s why this collection stands out:

  1. Tailored to Military Life: These books are uniquely designed to address the specific challenges and experiences faced by Army, Navy, and Air Force children, making them relatable and comforting.
  2. Variety of Resources: The collection offers a comprehensive approach with colouring books, activity books, and storybooks, providing a diverse range of engagement for children of all ages.
  3. Support for Emotional Well-being: The resources empower children to express their emotions, cope with deployments and relocations, and build resilience through engaging activities and heartfelt stories.
  4. Educational Value: The books promote learning by encouraging cognitive development, creativity, and emotional intelligence.
  5. Valuable Themes: The stories address important themes such as relocations, deployments, and making new friends.
  6. Family Bonding: These books are not just for children; they offer opportunities for family bonding and meaningful discussions, promoting unity within Defence families.

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Another great resource for DSM's and Community Centres is the book 'What Will I See on Anzac Day?' - by Emily Elizabeth

This book is especially written for early childhood educators, families, and caregivers to use when exploring Anzac Day concepts with young children. Discovering what children will see, hear and do on Anzac Day provides an opportunity to develop a base knowledge of why we remember and commemorate Anzac Day on the 25th of April.


Click here to go to Emily’s Website.  


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