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New posting location

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New posting location

Tips for settling into a new posting location with kids.

1. Explore the Area Together: Take the time to explore your new posting location with your children. Visit parks, local attractions, and places of interest to help them get acquainted with their new surroundings. Use the attached ‘Neighbourhood treasure map’ to find the local park, school and shops.

2. Connect with the Community: Encourage your children to make new friends. Join local clubs or sports teams to help them meet peers with common interests. Subscribe to the local DMFS branch for local events. ( Check out the local community centres in your location.

3. Visit the New School: If your children are school-age, arrange a visit to the new school before the academic year starts (if possible). Meeting teachers and classmates in advance can ease the transition. Get in contact with the DSM if the school has one. 

4. Maintain Family Routines: Try to keep familiar family routines, such as meal times and bedtime schedules. Consistency provides comfort during times of change.

5. Create a Homey Space: Let your children help personalize their new room or living space with familiar items from the previous home. This can make the new place feel cozier.

6. Stay in Touch: Encourage your children to maintain contact with old friends. Video calls and letters can help bridge the distance and strengthen those connections.

7. Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate your children's achievements and milestones in their new environment. This can boost their confidence and sense of belonging.

8. Find Support Groups: Seek out local or online support groups for military families. Sharing experiences and tips with others who understand the lifestyle can be invaluable.

9. Be Patient and Understanding: Understand that each child may adjust at their own pace. Be patient and ready to provide emotional support as needed.

10. Promote Resilience: Teach your children resilience by emphasizing the positive aspects of military life, such as unique experiences and the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds.

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