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Playdough Poppies

Playdough Poppies

With Remembrance Day and its significance in mind, we bring you a creative and engaging activity that serves as a hands-on crafting project and a heartfelt gesture of honour. This blog post will guide you through creating beautiful playdough poppies using our free printables. These poppies are not only a visual representation of remembrance but also an opportunity to engage kids in a thoughtful activity that commemorates the sacrifices made by our brave heroes.

Materials Needed:

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Take some red playdough and make four small balls. These will be the petals of your poppy flower.
  • Put the four red balls together in a group. This is the start of your poppy!
  • Now, you squish the red balls gently with your fingers. Press them down to make the poppy flower shape.
  • Next, take the green playdough and roll it into a small snake shape. This will be the stem of your poppy.
  • Attach the green stem to the bottom of your red poppy flower. Press it gently to make it stick.
  • Ta-da! You’ve made a beautiful playdough poppy. Your poppy is like the ones people wear on Remembrance Day.
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