Someone I Love is in Defence


Free Christmas Printables for Defence kids. Someone I Love is in Defence - Army/ Navy / Air Force.

Christmas Printables

I’m thrilled to share some special Christmas printables on my website, tailored with care for Defence kids who might be missing their loved ones during the festive season. These free resources include engaging activities like a find-a-word and maze, along with an activity sheet that sparks conversation about what their loved ones might be enjoying […]

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Free leaf printable for wreath

Leaf printable

Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Prepare the Cardboard Wreath Base Cut a circular shape from the cardboard to create the base of your wreath. You can use a large round object as a template or draw a circle freehand. Cut out the centre to create a wreath shape.  Step 2: Paint the Wreath Base Paint the

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Free printable for poppy plates

Poppy printable

Step-by-Step Guide First, download the Poppy Printable. Step 1: Prepare the Paper Plates Start by cutting the paper plates into a poppy flower shape. Cut the plate into four wavy lobes to achieve the iconic poppy silhouette, leaving a small, circular centre intact. This centre will serve as the base for attaching the printables. Step

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Free printables for submariner Defence kids

Submarine Printables

I’m excited to introduce you to a fantastic resource designed especially for submariner children. The “Someone I Love is a Submariner” PDF is a 14-page download carefully crafted to provide entertainment and educational value. The “Someone I Love is a Submariner” PDF is more than just a collection of pages; It acknowledges the unique challenges

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