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Army Hats

Army Hats

DIY Army Hats

Army Hats

Welcome, little soldiers, to a creative adventure where you can make your army hats! Are you ready to show off your military style? Gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and let's dive into this exciting craft project. With just a few simple materials, we'll transform paper plates and coloured cardboard into cool army hats that make you feel like a real hero!


Materials Needed

  1. Paper bowls
  2. Coloured paper (2x greens, brown/black)
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue or adhesive tape
  5. Ribbon 


Army Hats

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Find a clean, spacious surface where you can comfortably work on your army hat creation. This will help you stay organised and focused throughout the craft project.

Ask an adult or cut your camouflage pattern on different coloured paper. Be creative and have fun cutting them in all different shapes.

Use the glue to stick down your camouflage, or get creative with markers or crayons; you can draw rank symbols or write your name on the hat. Personalise it to make it uniquely yours!

Once you’re satisfied with the decoration, you can use ribbon glued to either side of your hat and tie a bow under your chin. This will ensure your army hat stays in place during all your missions and adventures.

Please allow your army hat to dry completely before you wear it. This will ensure that all the parts are securely attached and ready for action!


Congratulations, little soldiers! You've crafted your army hats using paper plates and coloured paper. These hats are perfect for imaginative play, dress-up parties, or simply adding a touch of military style to your everyday adventures. Put on your hat, gather your troops, and let your imagination soar as you embark on exciting missions!

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